"New WordPress plugin boosts your profits by
300% with unlimited, smart countdown timers, in just
30 seconds - 100% guaranteed or your money back..."

(it creates real urgency for your web site visitors and pushes them
to take the action you want, by automating "evergreen" special offers
one-time offers, with just a few clicks!)

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Countdown Dynamite Screenshot:

countdown dynamite screenshot

The big problem that costs you money:

People today are apathetic. They browse the internet in a "zombie-like" state. It's hard to get them to take ANY action. They have a million things on their to-do list, and buying from you isn't that high of a priority to them. 99% of them will come to your salesletter or affiliate site, and then leave, without buying anything.

Many marketers say "this offer will expire at midnight tonight." But who believes that stuff any more? Nobody.

Not only that, but because people know that this is "fake urgency" they feel like they are being lied to. This drops conversions even more!

Plus, even if you do make a real special offer, what happens with the people who visit your website later? They don't get the great deal, they feel left out, and they don't buy.

The simple solution to make more money:

Robert Cialdini, in his book "Influence: The Pshychology or Persuasion", mentioned several key ways to make people take action. And one of them is urgency. When you have an offer that is only good for a limited time, people stand up and pay attention (and pay you money), because they don't want to "miss out" or "be left out."

But it has to be REAL urgency.

With a little help from technology, you can make REAL limited-time offers to EVERYONE who comes to your site, no matter when they do so. You can essentially create a "limited offer in a box" that you present to every visitor. Once your visitors experience this, they will be much more likely to take action.

When you use urgency in your offers, they can convert up to 3 times better or more than if you hadn't used them!

What the plugin does. Top features and benefits:

It creates customized, evergreen countdown timers for EACH of your visitors, automatically. If "visitor A" comes to your site, they can see that the offer expires in 30 minutes. No matter how many times they refresh the page, the countdown will continue counting without "starting again." 30 minutes later, the countdown will expire for that visitor. If "Visitor B" comes to your site after a few hours, they will again see that THEY have 30 minutes to take an action.

It creates "specific time and date" countdowns. In this case, your offer will expire at a specific time in the future. This is great, if you are doing a product launch for example.

It creates OTOs (one-time offers). In this case, each visitor can see your special offer only once. This works especially well if they have just made a purchase and you ask give them a one-time opportunity to buy something else from you.

After the offer expires, the plugin automatically hides the special offer (for example, a special order link or any content you specify), and replace it with any content you specify (like "This offer has expired"), OR redirects the visitor to any URL you want.

It uses both cookies and IP address detection. That way, if your visitor deletes their cookies, or changes browsers, they will still see the correct deadline.

Uses a super-simple way to set a specific expiration date, no matter where you live in the world. For example, I live in Greece and I have always had difficulty converting "GMT" to "EST" and figuring out the correct time difference. Heck, I have messed up the time on two of my own product launches (frustrating, not to mention embarassing). This new plugin however is idiot proof.

Totally customizable look: You can change the font face, font color, background color, label names and size in your countdown, so it looks exactly like you want it to.

It works great on mobile devices. Many countdown timers use "flash" that doesn't appear properly in mobile devices (because mobile-device browsers don't support flash yet). This countdown will appear perfectly in mobile devices. In fact, it will also adjust it's size automatically, so it looks great, no matter what screen resolution your visitors PC has.

3 simple ideas to make more profits with this plugin:

1) Promote an affiliate product and offer a bonus, but only if people buy within the deadline. This alone will differentiate you from other affiliates. I have done this myself many times with great results.

2) Use the countdown on a WordPress salesletter and tell people that they need to buy within the next 30 minutes, or the price will increase. Once the countdown expires, the plugin can automatically hide the discounted order button and show the order button for the normal price.

3) Make an OTO (one-time offer), after someone buys one of your products. OTOs have been around for quite a while, and they aren't going anywhere. Why? Because they work! Just one good OTO can double the visitor value of your entire sales funnel.

I DARE any competitor to match my
10-times-your-money-back guarantee:

Download Countdown Dynamite. Use it on as many of your WordPress sites as you want. If you feel you didn't make back in net profit AT LEAST 10 times the price you paid for the plugin, that you wouldn't have made otherwise, just send me a personal email within 60 days and let me know.

Either you make 10 times your money back or I'll give you every penny back and you get to KEEP Countdown Dynamite as my way of saying "thanks for giving this an honest try."

Heck, If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it's not one of the best ways to instil real urgency to your offers and make more money from your sites (or it's just not right for you), let me know as well and you'll get every penny back.

I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that Countdown Dynamite isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the future.

Start creating your profitable offers, in the next 5 minutes:

countdown dynamite ecoverTo get your hands on Countdown Dynamite, just click the button below.

You will be redirected to the Paypal order form where you can order with your Paypal account (or just a credit card).

After your order comes through, you will be immediately redirected to the download page that has the download link to the plugin.

If you need any help ordering, just contact me and I'll personally get back to you ASAP.

Note: Price goes up with every single sale

Developer's License:
(You can use it on client's sites, and sell sites that have the plugin
installed. You can also use it on unlimited domains you own. Lifetime updates included):

Countdown Dynamite Wordpress Plugin Developer's License

Multi-Site License:
(Use on UNLIMITED domains you own. Lifetime updates included):

Countdown Dynamite Wordpress Plugin

Single-Site License:
(Use on ONE domain you own. Lifetime updates included):

Countdown Dynamite Wordpress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Countdown Dynamite timer look like?

Check out the Countdown Dynamite demo site (new window).

Where will the timer appear?

It can appear in any of your posts and pages. You can insert the countdown shortcode anywhere you want in the content.

Will it appear properly in all browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices?

Absolutely. The plugin has been coded to standards and will appear properly on all main browsers and devices.

Can I use different settings on individual posts or pages?

Absolutely. Just go to edit that post or page, and you will see the Countdown Dynamite widget below the edit post/page text area. You can customize the settings for that specific post or page.

Will Countdown Dynamite work with [plugin 123, theme abc, host XYZ]?

It most likely will. If there's an incompatibility, we will either fix it or refund your purchase. Feel free to download the free Countdown Dynamite demo first and see how it works on your site.

Will I get any updates after I purchase?

All customers receive free lifetime upgrades. We continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly, too; however, you will never pay for any upgrades. We support our plugins, and we support our customers.

I purchased but can't find my download link for Countdown Dynamite...

Please follow the instructions below:

1) Go to your JVZoo buying history page (login if you are not logged in already)

2) Find the "Countdown Dynamite Wordpress Plugin" and click the green "View Details" button next to it.

3) Scroll down a little and click the green button that says "ACCESS YOUR PURCHASE"

If the above isn't possible, then please open a support ticket and include in it the Paypal email address you used to make your purchase with. We will send you the download details ASAP :-).

What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have the developer's license?

You can upgrade. Just open a support ticket. Include your initial Paypal purchase receipt as well. I'll get back to you ASAP and tell you how to upgrade :-)

How can I get customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just open a support ticket and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (may be a bit more on the weekends).

Who are you and why should I buy from you?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 9 years. I'm obsessed with taking complex processes and simplifying them as much as possible. For the last 3 years I have been focusing on developing Wordpress plugins.

At this point I feel I have the entire process down and know exactly how to develop a plugin that adds real value, is easy to use and free of bugs. I aim to create happy customers, one at a time - and hope we can have a long-term business relationship together.

To faster profits:

George "the Greek" Katsoudas
Online affiliate marketer and product developer

What others say about Countdown Dynamite:

"...endless possibilities for structuring offers at different price points"

Hey George

I simply love the feature enabling redirect to a new url after the time limit is reached - has endless possibilities for structuring offers at different price points. I tried using the timer below a youtube video I embedded on my post, and let the redirect go to an affiliate link after the video ended. :)

Was easy to understand, and implement on my post. The wysiwyg for customizing text and the countdown timer itself is useful for different types of posts.

Congrats on developing a very useful little tool. I can see myself using it extensively on my sites.


"Easy to create so many different 'timers' on a single website."

George ... You've done it again ... Another great plugin that is simple to install and use!

Every marketer with any experience knows that Urgency helps convert interested visitors into buyers at a better rate than almost any other marketing tactic. There are other Urgency countdown timers on the market, but I really like yours. The thing that makes your new WP plugin special is how easy it is to create so many different "timers" on a single website.

The WYSIWYG format gives me total control of what people see after the timer hits "zero" ... even images. And the ability to easily redirect visitors after countdown is great!

Finally, I love the ability to use short codes to insert countdown timers wherever I want. This gives me total custom control simplicity in minutes!

Roger Nevard

"I highly recommend this for use in your OTOs"

As always George provides another high quality, functional product which is easy
to use.

The range of options in the Countdown Dynamite plugin, for setting the start/stop times and for the layout of the timer ( size/fonts/colour) are all I would expect to find in a plugin
like this but there are three other options that really boost the functionality and make this super easy to set up.

"Live preview" allows you to see what the end result will look like while you are still configuring the simple set of options and a 'Clear history' allows you to return the preview timer to zero to reconfigure the settings.

And the option to have a completely different counter on every post or page provides extended versatility for your sales pages.

These options, that I have not seen before in any similar product, make this plugin a standout – more evidence of George's skill in providing us with highly functional, easy to use plugins.
I highly recommend this for use in your OTOs.

John Vanse

"simple and very slick"

Hi George,

Glad I got in on this one. Your plugins always ROCK! Countdown Dynamite is no exception.

I love this plugin. It's simple and very slick. After only a couple minutes I had it configured to match my site colors and even had it redirecting to the next offer page. Way easier than Scarcity Samurai.

Thanks again for letting me test this out. I'll be adding it to several of my sales funnels in one place or another.


Russ Banister

"simple and very slick"

Hi George,

Glad I got in on this one. Your plugins always ROCK! Countdown Dynamite is no exception.

I love this plugin. It's simple and very slick. After only a couple minutes I had it configured to match my site colors and even had it redirecting to the next offer page. Way easier than Scarcity Samurai.

Thanks again for letting me test this out. I'll be adding it to several of my sales funnels in one place or another.


Russ Banister

"I have noticed more downloads than normal on one of my blogs..."

This is one heck of a powerful plugin. The fact that i can set it up on posts and pages and change fonts and colours to suit not only the actual post but also the colour of the theme too is amazing. I can now set up special downloads and giving the user a specific time to download them too i have noticed more downloads than normal on one of my blogs.

I have been playing around with this all day it is great, there is so many choices i have to combine this with customer satisfaction i cant actually see what more you can do to this to change it, as it is perfect as it is.

Many thanks George and as usual keep up the good work.


Alan Barrett

"...pure gold, and that's no hype"

Hey George.... another great plugin, I find it very useful and the more I think about "Countdown Dynamite" the more unique and profitable uses I come up with.

Everybody has probably seen a timer similar to yours and probably wondered where to get it. "Countdown Dynamite" has all the bells and whistles you might want, it grabs visitor attention, it can be used to promote an optin, salespage, affilite link or unique message. It even redirects at the end of the expiration time!

I also really like the clock formatting. You can make it look like just about anything you want..... a big huge timer or small and laid back.

The ability to create unique messages before and after the coundown is very unique.... haven't seen that anywhere, in fact, there are so many different settings available you can literally funnel the visitor for one place to the next.

One more thing I really love, you made this plugin so I can have a unique timer on every post or page if I want..... pure gold, and that's no hype.

I have to be honest. I really hated salespages or offers that use these timers.... but you know what, they work because they forced me to take action. And that my friend is what we all want to happen on our websites and blogs.

This will definitely go into my folder of important plugins to use when writing new salespages, posts, websites and blogs.

Thank you for another great plugin!

Best Wishes,

Scott Parat

"...another great plugin from one of the world's best Wordpress developers"

Countdown Dynamite is another great plugin from one of the world's best Wordpress developers. George always has well thought out, efficient plugins with an unbelievably great guarantee. I recommend everything he publishes.

Craig Christianson
Clikglobal LLC

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Countdown Dynamite Wordpress Plugin

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